Tremend celebrates 16 years in business and estimates a 30 million Euros turnover by the end of 2021

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Tremend Software Consulting, one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the region in Deloitte and Financial Times 1000 Europe rankings, celebrates this month its 16th anniversary and continues the upward trend, estimating a 30 million Euros turnover by the end of the year, an increase of 43% compared to 2020. 

With dozens of new clients added to its portfolio in 2021, from various industries such as banking, telecom, healthcare, education, and finance, Tremend has consolidated its position among the top technology players in the region. Also, as part of the company’s ongoing goal of delivering robust, secured Cloud-enabled solutions, this year Tremend became a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, being placed in the top 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide. The company also joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) program, increasing the quality and expanding the coverage of its tailor-made AWS consulting services. 

This strategic step will supercharge the market-leading digital and customer experience solutions the software company is building for its clients through enhanced guidance, continuous optimization, and an open standards-based, and secure ecosystem for running existing and new business-critical systems. Tremend capitalizes on its cross-sectoral skills and experience in big data, applications, security and compliance, proprietary tools, frameworks, and accelerators, to deliver advanced large-scale solutions with major impacts, such as the European eDemocracy platform “The Conference on the Future of Europe”.

This year, the company has released a new virtual place for companies looking to drive growth, explore proven ways to address customers’ needs and gain a competitive edge through a compelling User Experience strategy – Tremend Studio. Featuring an ever-growing library of detailed UX success stories and case studies, resources, and inspiration, Tremend Studio showcases Tremend’s work and its advanced expertise in crafting well-planned customer engagement and retention strategies that help brands create authentic, human-centered identities that build trust.

At the same time, Tremend’s team of software engineers channeled their efforts to create and enhance innovative products that not only meet today’s digital transformation needs and positively impact our society, but also shape a better and smarter future. To support the efforts of expanding access to medical care in today’s context, the software company developed Telemed, an AI-enabled modular, multi-purpose telemedicine platform, offering fully integrated clinical capabilities. This advanced solution empowers clinics to augment their services to eTherapy, while also making healthcare readily available to patients through functional components for end-to-end patient-physician communication with seamless integration. 

Driving post-pandemic growth through Agile Digital Transformation, Tremend created TORP, a breakthrough Onboarding & Origination CX solution, and a modular multi-purpose platform with a transformative impact on companies of all sizes. The tool works cross-industry and enables organizations to automate their processes and create personalized onboarding and origination streams.

“We have grown in terms of turnover but also expanded as a team. The success of our innovative projects has become visible in the results, consolidating our presence in the US, UK, and Benelux markets and growing the number of clients as a result of the partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Mastercard, and Salesforce”, mentions Ioan Cocan, Managing Partner, Tremend.

Through its advanced software engineering expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), UI/UX, and DevOps/Cloud, Tremend supports international public organizations drive digital transformation and innovation in key areas such as education, finance, public government, and relationship with citizens. The software engineering company is involved in major projects for EU institutions, with European coverage, impacting millions of citizens of the Union. The projects support the growth of competitiveness for adults and youths by promoting collaborative learning, enabling the connection between citizens and professionals, and promoting experiences and know-how exchange.

With a strong social impact, the projects developed, such as The Conference on the Future of Europe and the Digital Skills and Jobs platform, support international public organizations in embracing change and innovation and empower them and the EU citizens through digital transformation.

“The biggest challenge was building a scalable, highly skilled team and maintaining the organizational culture we set out, focused on continuous learning, collaboration, and agility, in the context of future-proofing work processes for upcoming growth. We succeeded because we realized that we have to train both ourselves and the leaders of the company’s divisions in terms of leadership and team building to keep and cultivate the way of thinking focused on problem-solving. For the coming year, we renew our commitment to continue to invest in products that can add value to our customers and build long-term partnerships”, states Marius Hanganu, Managing Partner, Tremend.

Tremend proved its engineering DNA by developing high-grade projects successfully delivered for major telecom operators, automotive companies, retailers, banking institutions, and the healthcare industry. The developed solutions have reached over 60 million users, standing proof of a strong software engineering team and organizational culture.

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