Agile Squads – The Value-Driven Way To Outsource Your Software Project

Agile Squads – The Value-Driven Way To Outsource Your Software Project

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Today, a growing number of companies are coming to realize the importance of employing their own Agile Squads instead of simply outsourcing their software development needs the traditional way. Experienced managers are now well aware that utilizing agile principles — the backbone of Agile Squads delivers products faster and more efficiently. Modern Agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban, follow the Agile Manifesto to the T in order to achieve optimum results.

Nevertheless, working Agile does not limit yourself to simply creating a superior product, but it entails a cultural change that would greatly benefit your company in the long run. Below, we want to dive deeper into the role of an Agile Coach and discover how hiring an Agile Squad will drive value in your organization, bringing tremendous benefits for the successful delivery of your next software project, and propelling your business’s Digital Transformation.

The Role of an Agile Coach

As the leader of the Agile Squad, the coach’s role is to help the organization rethink and improve the ways they focus on development, team collaboration, and workflow practices. The agile coach has numerous roles, acting as a:

  • Counselor: listens carefully to the company, evaluating problems and helping to create a safe working environment.
  • Facilitator: instead of mentoring or teaching, the Agile Coach facilitates conflict resolution and establishes meetings in order to improve group dynamics.
  • Coach: the focus of the Agile Coach involves unlocking the power of your team instead of simply teaching you things. Experienced coaches leverage the power of questions and support to unlock knowledge and enable people to solve their own problems.
  • Reflective observer: the coach aims to observe the interactions between people part of the organization and help them notice potential perspectives they may not have noticed before.
  • Technical advisor: the coach observes any issues people might have and gives them technical advice to overcome any issue
Agile Squads - The Value-Driven Way To Outsource Your Software Project

The aim of hiring an Agile Coach is to create a long-lasting change within the organization and to improve productivity. A professional coach can help establish a long-term strategy across the organization and periodically checks whether the team stays true to the new, improved Agile techniques.

Key Reasons to Hire an Agile Squad

Choosing an offshore Agile Squad is a surefire way to improve the quality of your services. The team normally doesn’t develop the product in one go, but divides the project into sprints, focusing on Agile testing and high-end product development. They will conduct testing after every iteration to ensure the parts of the project already developed run smoothly. This gradual testing and issue solving ensure the optimal quality of the product in the end.

Hiring an Agile Squad is also an effective way to boost the engagement of the stakeholders. Oftentimes, it happens that the software development team builds a product that meets the initial client’s requirements, but soon enough it turns out to be unsatisfactory. This often happens by using the Waterfall development method. However, with the Agile method, clients can provide feedback after each sprint and see exactly if the product behaves according to their own vision.

An Agile Squad gives you more time to focus on core business operations. With the evolving trend of technologies, it’s important to stay on top of any change. To do that, you need to build software based on recent market changes. An Agile Squad can help you with just that.

Agile Squads - The Value-Driven Way To Outsource Your Software Project

Since offshore Agile Teams offer full transparency, your company’s stakeholders can be part of the development process from start to finish. You can easily plan iterations, prioritize features to include, and hold review sessions. To top it all, you’ll be able to anticipate project costs by using both fixed-schedule and time-boxes sprints.

Ultimately, hiring an Agile Squad enables you to reduce time-to-market. Since time-to-market defines the success of any product launched on the market, agile squads use tried-and-tested methods to quickly develop a product. They also collaborate closely with your team to uncover the components of each iteration and provide better project management.

Get in touch with us to discover more about the effective ways to enhance your development process and how to cut time to market and reach your Digital Transformation goals faster with an Agile Dedicated Team!

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