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Jobby Job Portal
Executive summary 

Localized job market platform, delivering high throughput response, appealing for the European companies interested in searching and posting jobs Romanian candidates. The portal features match-making capabilities of posted jobs with registered candidates, facilitating meaningful connections between companies and professionals.

The client 

Jobby is a Dutch company building an online platform for the human resources industry throughout Europe.

Jobby Job Portal Case Study
Business Challenge 

Resolve the main issue of searching/application/hiring process for both candidates and employers, namely the difficulty in reaching each other - the non-Romanian companies and the Romanian workers with best it for the open jobs companies need,

Solution delivered by Tremend 
  • Google Cloud deployment
  • High availability with multi-zone deployments
  • Infrastructure as code using Terraform and Ansible
  • Automated application deployment using Bitbucket Pipelines

Technologies: Symfony 4, Angular 7, GCP Compute Instance, GCP CloudSQL, GCP load balancing, GCP CloudDNS, GCP CloudNAT, GCP ObjectStorage, Docker & Docker Compose, Terraform, Ansible, Bitbucket Pipelines


Angular 7

A job portal that can be easily used by anybody, leveraging the Romanian workers’ ability to find relevant jobs on the Romanian market and abroad, with a focus on the European Union market.

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