Cursor disappears in Firefox

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Cursor disappears in Firefox

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Firefox has this annoying problem of the cursor caret becoming invisible sometimes. For example, when showing up a div, the textboxes inside that div don’t have the cursor. You can edit them, but you can’t really know where exactly the cursor is. This can be very frustrating when editing texts in input boxes.

The mouse doesn’t actually disappear, as one friend cleverly noticed. If you move your div around, you’ll find it blinking somewhere underneath. This has nothing to do whatsoever with z-index, but with div’s scrolling as some people point out.

So basically, to make your caret visible, you’d have to replace your div’s style with something like:

overflow: auto


overflow: hidden;

This helped me get rid of the invisible cursor problem. I guess other overflow values will work as well, except for auto.

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