CityHack 2017 insider story: Pimp my connected bin with LoRaWAN!

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CityHack 2017 insider story: Pimp my connected bin with LoRaWAN!

Tremend Labs

“It was probably the most intense developer event I got to experience since I joined Actility about a year and a half ago.” This is how Alexandre Estela, Experience Engineering Director with Actility, describes the time he spent during the CityHack 2017 competition, organized by Orange, Tremend, and Actility on September 22, in Bucharest.

The hackathon provided the context for him and his colleagues to join forces with the Tremend team and collaborate in an informal setting. “I’ve been working closely with Tremend, the fastest growing technology company in Romania, on our front-end and user experience for four months now. So, it was key for me to know better the technical partner helping us with software design & development: see their new offices, experiment a technical project together… and simply have fun!” writes Alexandre on the company’s blog.

And fun it was, indeed. His team, 8Hats, eventually won the first prize with the Bin++ waste management solution. The smart bin application uses LoRaWan technologies and a gamification system to involve the general public in clean waste disposal. BIN++ has several sensors that detect various types of waste materials and is integrated with a mobile app for disposal management.

I had the chance to be assigned to a dynamic team, with good energy, ideas, and execution. [..] I’d say that the supportive and cooperative spirit was not the privilege of our team, it was part of the hackathon’s atmosphere,” concludes Alexandre in his blog post, and we couldn’t agree more.

Read here the full story for insights about the practical, learning experience at CityHack 2017.

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