Why choose us for Embedded Software Projects

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Why choose us for Embedded Software Projects

Embedded & Engineering Insights

1. Our engineers have a specific set of technical skills and know-how so we can actually help you power up your next-generation device. At Tremend we have teams of professionals trained in the best educational institutions with internationally recognized results, who have gained extensive knowledge in multinational software companies.

2. A team of passionate developers who can deliver high-end solutions by applying their hardware expertise to the development process. Our engineers work in the realm of embedded software design, develop, and test specific and sometimes crucial functions performed by the device they work on.

3. We build embedded software for different industries, including Automotive, Telecommunications, Media, and HealthCare. As Wind River partners since 2009, we work extensively for the automotive industry, building car infotainment systems that control audio, air conditioning, navigation, voice recognition, phone calls, reverse cameras, and Internet access.

4. We provide services such as Automotive IVI – Linux-based systems for infotainment (GENIVI) and safety, Embedded Linux, Android OS integration on custom hardware, Security hardening of embedded applications, PKI infrastructure, and client software setup, File system tuning and optimization, System boot time optimization, User interfaces for embedded devices, Wireless networking, Connecting embedded systems to multimedia and mobile devices, Custom Software Engineering for Embedded Systems.

5. We have serious knowledge of these technologies: Linux, C, C#, Wi-Fi, Embedded OS, Python, Bluetooth, GTK, Montavista, and C++.

6. Our expertise contributed to building the first intelligent water-saving device for gardens: RainMachine – The Forecast Sprinkler. Along with the native iOS and Android mobile applications, we created the firmware and server software for the device. Forecasting 7 days in advance and using real-time temperature, wind, and rainfall data, the RainMachine dynamically adjusts the sprinkler schedule. Moreover, RainMachine is improving watering efficiency thus dramatically reducing water waste. We are proud Fortune magazine ranked RainMachine among the Top 7 most useful home devices. Moreover, this innovative controller became the #1 Best Seller in its category on Amazon just 2 weeks after its launch.

7. Our clients like to think of the relationship they have with Tremend, not in terms of a supplier relationship but rather as an integrated partnership despite the geographical distance between our two companies. Just ask our clients. “Every single minute of work with Tremend is worth the investment,” says Andrej Poljanc from Mobipro. “We’ve received amazing results already! To be honest, you can not beat the service, delivering quality in time, and the people that I have dealt with!”

In the end, some good business opportunities come from small discoveries. Hopefully, discoveries like this benefit list. So say hello@tremend.ro, we really enjoy meeting new people.

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