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Functional Safety in the automotive industry, part 1: The rise of C

Bogdan Andone

In the 1980s electronically controlled ignition and fuel injection systems were the first major embedded systems deployed for the automotive industry, as ignition and injection analog units started to be progressively replaced by the more controllable digital alternatives facilitated by the availability of microcontrollers.  Electronically-controlled ignition and fuel-injection systems were the first major embedded systems deployed in the automotive industry,…
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Bogdan Andone

How typing biometrics in virtual proctoring is redefining online exams

In our modern digital era, the online examination has undoubtedly become an integral component of exams. The student assessment is submitted remotely without any physical interaction. This method is not just more affordable, but also less time-consuming. However, student authentication and compliance have their own set of challenges. Ensuring online exam integrity has become a necessity. One of the safest…
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Collaborative knowledge building

In modern organizations, stakeholders frequently switch roles between trainers and trainees. They contribute to eLearning content as much as they benefit from it. Staff needs to learn and adapt fast. They cannot afford to take the long time-offs required for traditional training; instead, they need to find exactly the right piece of content needed on the spot. In operations management terms,…
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Welcome to TALE: Tremend’s Agile Learning Environment

The new vision Tremend proposes is built on our inherent, intrinsic Agile philosophy, used to create tangible value in measurable increments with advanced technology and engineering solutions. The skills required by modern organizations to remain competitive change faster and faster. The internal learning curve is always shorter: content is created and becomes obsolete in short cycles, sometimes in just a few months….
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