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Smoke Testing for faster feedback loops
Give your QA team the go-ahead they need to complete the project

At Tremend, we have adopted Smoke Testing to ensure that a specific project or build is suitable for extensive testing. While full regression testing is preferred for any new build, Agile teams need rapid feedback loops in order to progress faster in delivery. This is where the smoke testing process comes in.

The smoke testing concept is borrowed from the hardware industry, and it basically means that you would plug a new device into a power source, and the device would receive electricity so you could use it. We extended this concept to software testing and used test suites that can be run automatically in less than 5 minutes and manually in less than 30 minutes. This allows the team to provide feedback quickly if the main product flows are working properly.

Smoke test as an acceptance criteria for using a build

The smoke test must be a short and concise procedure that the QA Engineers will use to validate the new build before starting the rest of the testing activities. This suite must include the minimum number of critical test cases that could not be used without the application if any of them fail.

Having a smoke test available to run on every new build will save everyone's time! You may ask: how is this related? Imagine the following scenario: you are close to finishing the testing of the final build for a new release, and you find a critical bug in the final steps of an end-to-end flow of a payments feature. Since you cannot deliver the product with a critical issue, the team will have to implement a new fix, the QA Engineer will have to redo most of the test suites, and the release date will be pushed days or weeks. All of this could have been avoided if a smoke test had been run before starting the main testing activities.

A good way to ensure the smoke test is run automatically for every new build and to inform everyone of the results is to automate the test cases that are part of the test suite and have them implemented in the CI/CD pipelines, including the creation of a new test suite in the test case management system.

A great benefit of this approach could be seen in one of our clients’ global marketplace products, where we automated the smoke test suite. By doing so, we have reduced the overall testing time by more than 12 hours for every new build.

Why choose Tremend as your Smoke Testing Implementation Partner?

At Tremend, we emphasize the importance of smoke tests for every build, and we have certified automation QA Engineers that make it their priority to ensure that this aspect is the first process they automate on every project. We’ve also been involved in numerous software development projects where we’ve successfully implemented the smoke testing procedures.

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