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Retail Software and Services
Tremend has more than 5 years of experience in this industry, creating numerous projects for famous retailers, including an extended project for the largest European retailer.

Why Tremend

We offer a wide range of retail services that cater to the growing needs of B2B clients, as we work with marketplaces, eCommerce business owners, order management companies, and even in-store assistant service providers.
We help businesses get a 360-degree view of their customers by providing advanced end-to-end retail solutions. We focus on all aspects of managing and growing a business, from addressing cost reduction with modern replenishment methods and demanding forecasting to vendor management, staff management, and loss prevention.
Our strategic partnership with Salesforce puts us in front-line to deliver high-end solutions for enterprise retail.

Our services

  • eCommerce implementation and consultancy for both open source solutions (Magento) and enterprise-grade providers (Salesforce)
  • Marketplace implementation, consultancy, and integration services for successfully setup and run a full-blown marketplace
  • Customer experience consultancy services to maximize client value across all business touchpoints
  • Customer portals for high volume transactions which allow business to stay on top of their client needs and expectations
  • Mobile applications for any device and density delivered as native or hybrid code
  • UX/UI for a unified interaction across devices and screens which stands as the basis for an improved customer experience
  • IoT solutions to enhance retail operations and to improve in-store client experience

Tools and technologies

  • Frameworks: Angular 7, Symfony 3, Silex, Django
  • Programming languages: PHP, Python, Java, Javascript
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS3, Less, Sass/Scss, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • Data processing: RabbitMQ, MQTT, Kafka
  • Platforms: Magento 2, Salesforce
  • DevOps: Bitbucket, Google Cloud, metal cloud virtualization (KVM / libvirt), cloud provisioning (Terraform), service provisioning (Ansible), automated infra deployment pipelines (Bamboo), application deployment pipelines (Jenkins / Bamboo), infra monitoring (Nagios), logging (ELK), deployment environments (Google Kubernetes Engine, Rancher w/ Kubernetes, self-managed Kubernetes deployments)
  • Testing: Unit testing (PHPUnit, JUnit), functional (Selenium), performance (JMeter, Blazemeter)
Angular 7
Magento 2


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