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Professional Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services
Minimize your company’s level of risk while increasing your resiliency

Tremend’s bespoke business resilience and continuity services focus on establishing clear steps to protect your business’ equipment, processes, and human resources. Our team of experts in business continuity can help your team to identify critical functions within your operations and quantify the impact of potential disruptions.

Tremend’s Business Continuity Services

Tremend’s business continuity & disaster recovery services are related to offering software services. You can get a feel of our services below:

  • Business Continuity Planning - Our team can create a roadmap for you to ensure your organization keeps going even when disaster strikes. Our business continuity planning services include various strategies ranging from mitigation to contingency planning.
  • Business Impact Analysis - With us by your side, you can develop your organization’s resiliency by uncovering the unique risks around your processes & worksites while also quantifying the actual impact of potential disruptions.
  • Business Recovery Plan Development - Tremend’s team designs thorough & effective recovery plans for your company to address the impacts of a disruption on your business operations. This plan will help you mitigate environmental, business, man-made, and technology risks for your company.
  • Maintenance & Improvement - Because business continuity is an ongoing process, we’re ensuring you benefit from the top maintenance & improvement services to update and maintain your procedures.

Our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Projects

Over the years, Tremend has been a part of numerous business continuity and disaster recovery projects. Our expertise speaks for itself in this area. We invite you to discover some of them below:

NN Asigurari:our team has designed a bespoke disaster recovery plan for NN Asigurari’s web platform. The system uses IaC and Automated CI/CD tools and know-how that helped us build a more straightforward, better DR plan. It contains various disaster scenarios and recovery processes.

Credex IFN: this project involves building a financial-related mobile application with an Azure Cloud hosted integration layer, featuring creation connections with MasterCard, BT, and other financial companies.

Publications Office of the European Union Portal: our team was chosen, after a tedious process, to provide to the Publications Office a business continuity plan for their online platform. Our task was to create a new infrastructure into Azure Cloud, define and write a data synchronization script and process, test scripts, and define processes required to run in case disaster strikes. Additionally, we were tasked with writing down the documentation on how the team can quickly provide services like coding, debugging, QA testing plans, Business Analysts specific documentation.

Why Choose Tremend as your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Partner?

At Tremend, we offer a full range of business continuity services for heavily software-related businesses. With us, you can gain the peace of mind that your business will thrive, even if you’re facing short staffing, various external threats, or a lack of technical knowledge.

We pride ourselves on a senior team of specialists in business continuity and disaster recovery who have spent years understanding the needs and complexities of modern companies. As a result, we can quickly and seamlessly tackle any disruptions to our partners’ network, IT infrastructure, or facility.

With us by your side, you can gain the peace of mind that your business is in good hands and will survive any disasters. To top it all, you can avoid spending an average of $5.600 per minute in network downtime costs.

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