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IoT Software Development Services
Keep your competitive edge in the fourth industrial revolution

At Tremend, we offer a wide range of end-to-end IoT services to help you securely manage thousands of devices and massive volumes of data in real-time across any network or cloud. We make the most out of Industry 4.0 trends to help you gain a competitive advantage in your domain.

Because IoT makes today's life easier and more productive, we strive to make IoT more accessible to any company. We offer IoT software development solutions, device management, and security tailored to your unique needs. We are keen on setting up complex integrations in any type of industry and niche to help your company stay ahead of the competition.

Full-stack IoT software development services

With over 15 years of experience in the software development industry, Tremend is proud to offer reliable, bespoke modern IoT software solutions that cater to all the needs of our customers. Let’s explore some of the services we offer below:

The idea to MVP:

Tremend can help complex IoT projects come to life by quickly and reliably delivering the necessary features needed to create working products:

  • Device prototyping and bring-up
  • Firmware and networking frameworks
  • Device firmware development
  • Device OTA update systems
  • Web platform and Mobile application development
  • Device management platforms

Device Firmware:

  • Home, enterprise, and industrial network connectivity
  • Machine-to-machine connectivity
  • Device prototyping and production firmware services
  • Over the air update systems
  • Expertise in Linux, Android, and embedded microcontroller platforms
  • Expertise in embedded hardware platforms and architectures

Cloud Applications:

  • Deployments of IoT clouds for consumer and smart building devices
  • Data visualization
  • Microservices, big data, analytics, public and private cloud architectures
  • Historical data storage and analytics

Mobile Applications:

  • Mobile interfaces to enterprise systems, vehicles, and IoT devices
  • Native (Swift, Java, Kotlin) or hybrid mobile technologies (React Native, Flutter)
  • GPS, geofencing, and location-aware tracking applications

Network Connectivity:

  • Long-time collaboration with European telecom operators
  • Technical partner of Actility, a significant player in Low-Power, Wide Area Network solutions (LoRa, NB-IoT)
  • Pioneered first working NB-IoT prototypes in Romania in partnership with an important multinational telecommunications company

Some of our IoT Software Development Projects

Below are some of the projects that have made us proud:

  • Braeburn: this project powered up over 50k devices

As the 3rd largest thermostat manufacturer in the United States, Braeburn is a provider of its own brand and white-labeled devices. The client required a modern platform to support its new lines of WiFi-connected thermostats and maintain compatibility with existing products.

Tremend has delivered a solution based on CloudMatix, its IoT business integration platform, used for smart device management: CRM integration, secure cloud connectivity, provisioning, geofencing, support for integration with third-party platforms such as Alexa or IFTTT. Our engineers have achieved significant power savings by developing updated device firmware while its operations department provides L2 support.

  • Capminder iScript

This project focuses on developing intellectual property to monitor in real-time and measure the consumption of prescription medication taken by patients. Tremend has delivered a solution based on its IoT business integration platform, CloudMatix, used to track and manage the connected smart devices.

  • Pace Car

Pace Car is a startup manufacturing and selling the most popular intelligent car accessory in the German market. PACE needed a software development partner to reduce its time to market for new features and allow its innovative services to be integrated by major car manufacturers.

Tremend used its vast experience in automotive, embedded, and IoT to deliver the next-generation firmware that was successfully deployed to PACE users.

  • Rainmachine

Forecasting rainfall for seven days in advance and using real-time temperature and wind data, the RainMachine product lines of smart irrigation controllers dramatically reduce water waste. Tremend’s engineers were hired to deliver mobile applications and cloud connectivity to IoT products, two brand new next generation devices.

Additionally, the team was required to design a completely refreshed firmware for their first generation of the forecast sprinklers, making the product the #1 Best Seller on Amazon in its category, Top 7 in Fortune® magazine most useful smart home devices.

  • Aurora Lighting

The client is a major provider of lighting solutions introducing a new line of smart light bulbs. Aurora was looking for support in managing devices used in its complex smart lighting applications and was interested in optimizing device activation, advanced device management, task automation using Alexa, Google Home, and CRM integration.

We used CloudMatix as our product lifecycle management solution to deliver out-of-the-box functionalities needed for device provisioning and activation, flexible user management, as well as built-in integration with 3rd party tools.

Why choose Tremend as your IoT Development Partner?

With over 13 years of expertise in building and operating IoT projects and platforms alone, we have enabled our customers to manage over 200.000 connected devices in over 20 IoT deployments, for companies from 10 countries and developed hundreds of enterprise projects.

We can help you take your IoT infrastructure to the next level by leveraging turnkey solutions developed by highly skilled professionals with a focus on both technical and business aspects of your goals.



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