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Tremend becomes the technical partner for building the new European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs

European Digital Skills and Jobs Platform

Tremend was selected by the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect) of the European Commission, to build the new European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs, as part of the consortium led by European Schoolnet.

The new European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs is an ambitious project that includes the infrastructure, digital messages, marketing campaigns, and promotion among EU-based businesses. The platform will:

  • provide a single point of access to resources for anyone interested in digital skills training offers or traineeships, good practices, skills intelligence and data, training resources, funding opportunities, news and events
  • facilitate interactions and stimulate cooperation between digital skills stakeholders from different sectors and among those who need to be upskilled (students, employees, unemployed, SMEs, etc.) 
  • offer an interactive space for discussion on skills intelligence, policies, and strategies

The platform will become a one-stop-shop online tool for digital skills with the goal of developing and managing a key tool for boosting these competencies all across Europe. It will also support the Digital Europe Programme and contribute to reducing the digital skills gap in Europe.

The consortium that will implement the project is coordinated by the European Schoolnet and consists of European Schoolnet, Tremend, The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association - LIKTA, DIGITALEUROPE, European DIGITAL SME Alliance, Public Libraries 2030, and subcontractor empirica

As the technology partner of the project, Tremend plays a key role in designing, building, maintaining, and operating a modern, reliable, and scalable IT infrastructure to support the European platform.


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