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Tremend Software Consulting Achieves Recognition in the App Development Industry

Tremend Software Consulting, a leading player in the app development industry and the CEE software engineering hub for Publicis Sapient, has garnered significant accolades for its high-end expertise and software capabilities & services. As the app development landscape continues to revolutionize business practices, Tremend stands at the forefront of digital innovation, delivering modern solutions that engage audiences and elevate brand…
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Tremend breaks records with one of the world’s largest Moodle platforms
Releasing the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform Romania
The Rising Star in eDemocracy: The Conference on the Future of Europe
Discover the new Digital Skills and Jobs Platform for bridging the skills gap across Europe
Meet Graphomaly: an AI-powered research project for fraud prevention in the banking industry
An innovative Digital Experience – Suwdolle Group’s “Yarn World Tour”
Tremend launches HumanoID research project in collaboration with the University of Bucharest
TORP – creating a better digital experience for customer enrollment
The new portal, developed with the help of Tremend

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