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Meet probably the friendliest tremendous team at LSAC

We like to think that successful IT careers are about continuous exploration. And you know that by now: the greatest discoveries are made by passionate people along with good friends.

This week is the perfect time for you to find out more about this journey, during two exciting career mapping events.

First, we’ll be speaking at Cariere v6.0, at the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty within the University of Bucharest. We will tell you what it’s like to have fun while writing powerful code for millions of users on three continents. And we’ll do our best to answer all thoughts and questions you might want to share. Join us on Thursday, March 9, at 12:40 PM, at the faculty’s building on 14 Academiei street, for a relaxed discussion about serious stuff.

Then, during the weekend comes another opportunity to make plans for the future. We will be at the LSAC Career Fair. This time it is about action. We will get to know each other and match talent with new career territories. Your talent, that is, and some of the technology projects that are changing the world. Let’s meet on March 11 and 12, at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers within the Politehnica University of Bucharest.

During both events, our colleagues will answer any questions about major topics:

  • how to get a paid internship in programming
  • what life in tech is like
  • big IT projects underway
  • most wanted programming languages
  • innovative technologies in the real world
  • what it is like to work with international clients
  • or simply, when you can start your new IT job

Come and hear our first-hand experience in building inspiring software as part of the probably friendliest team in the world.

Let’s meet.

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