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Join Tremend’s Webinar on How to Properly Perform a Migration to AWS

CI/CD pipelines webinar by Tremend and Amazon Web Services

Save your spot for the upcoming webinar created by the AWS specialists from Tremend, scheduled for May 31st, 2022. During the webinar, Cătălin Vrînceanu, DevOps Engineer at Tremend, will reveal the most efficient ways to improve build & deploy times using AWS Code tools like Commit, Build, and Deploy. Additionally, he will dive deep into the AWS Elastic Container Service tool, showcasing tips and tricks on how to fully automate deployments such as Blue/Green or Canary.

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You can join the webinar for free, and we encourage every AWS specialist to take part, especially as Tremend’s team of experts will make an in-depth analysis of the migration processes from on-premise to AWS, revealing how to perform this implementation in an optimal manner using AWS Code Pipeline and deploy it on AWS Elastic Container Service. Last but not least, you will discover how to leverage the approach presented by Cătălin to accelerate application modernization, the selected cloud computing stack, and the flow up to production.

Cătălin Vrînceanu, DevOps Engineer at Tremend, has 9+ years of experience in the software industry and comes with vast experience in working with CI/CD implementation, and automation/ integration tools like Jenkins, Gitlab, and Github. He has strong knowledge of software containerization platforms like Docker and container orchestration tools like Kubernetes.

Tremend is a Select+ Consulting Partner, boasting a full team of engineers with extensive experience in AWS integration. Tremend’s AWS team includes Certified Cloud Practitioners, Solution Architects, Certified Developers, DevOps Engineers, and SysOps Administrators. The company is working with modern tools such as Dynamo DB, Load Balancer, Code Pipeline, Bare Metal, SVN, and NodeJS. With over 16 years of experience in software engineering, 800+ projects delivered, and an impressive track record of over 1000+ infrastructure deployments and pipelines in projects addressing various industries and using most of the current software technologies, Tremend is the right choice for countless companies that want to take their DevOps project to the next level.

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