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Professional Mobile Application Development Services
Tremend is your Trusted Partner in App Development

At Tremend, we are keen on simplifying the hybrid app development process, making it simple and approachable by anyone. With over 15 years of experience in mobile application development, over 100 apps delivered for worldwide customers, and countless awards won by our team of passionate app software engineers, we stand at the forefront of mobile development innovation. We design, develop, deploy and maintain successful iOS and Android apps that delight your users and upscale your business.

We offer full-cycle, enterprise-grade mobile apps fully tailored to the needs of our customers. Our list of mobile app development services includes prototyping, UI/UX design, testing, programming, deployment, and mobile app support at scale. We speak your language, being an innovative mobile app development company that caters to meeting your most stringent needs and exceeding your expectations.

Why Tremend?

We have a deep mobile development knowledge that helps us move quickly through technical roadblocks. From the early stages of the development, we guide you through architecture decisions and foresee many of the issues ahead. Our modularized mobile app architecture is based on existing ready to use building blocks and allows us to build iOS and Android apps faster than a typical organization.

We care about user experience over the entire customer journey and shepherd your product throughout the design process. We aim to help you achieve your strategic goals while delivering polished, easy-to-use, compelling solutions.

Award-winning UX case studies: First Bank

Our Mobile Application Development Services

Our mobile app development expertise includes five main areas:

  • iOS app development services: iOS development play a crucial role for us. Due to the numerous requirements introduced by Apple, we strive to continually widen our experience and keep providing superior iOS development services to our US-based customers.
  • Android app development services: the vast majority of companies prefer Android-based apps to quickly and seamlessly communicate with their target audience. Our android application development services are perfect for you, especially if you want to get an edge in your niche and offer outstanding services to your end customers.
  • Web resources & application development services: competing in today’s challenging business environment is quite a tedious task, so you need to benefit from top-notch web resources and applications. Our cross-platform app development services are perfect for any company that needs to grow its brand and leverage the power of modern web resources.
  • Progressive app development solutions: progressive solutions can dramatically enhance the profitability of your business. We create modern progressive apps that allow you to reach your users right where they are, both on mobile and desktop devices.
  • IoT mobile app development services: ultimately, at Tremend, we develop a wide range of bespoke apps for IoT. These individual solutions can help you get an edge over your competition by leveraging the full benefits of the Internet of Things.

Top Mobile App-Related Features we Provide

At Tremend, we provide a wide range of mobile app development services that cater to any type of specific needs our clients might have. We are one of the few app development companies that invests wildly in R & D and innovation. As a result, we can stay two steps ahead of our competition and provide superior services that are in sync with the digital age we’re living in.

Meet our mobile app development services below and discover why we are one of the top app development companies on the market.

  • Agile development: we are strongly focused on agile development, following a strict pattern of agile workflows. Our scope is to deliver outstanding app development services in the shortest amount of time.
  • Client-centric work: all the apps we build and projects we complete are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.
  • Dedicated development team: we assign a dedicated mobile development team to each one of our projects. This does not only ensure high-quality work but also offers excellent support and continuous satisfaction to all our valuable clients.
  • Data backups & protection: regular data backup and NDA contracts are what helps us to provide high-end, reliable services to our clients. We are a trustworthy app development service provider who is willing to go above and beyond to ensure your project is safe with us and your confidential data is properly kept under the radar.
  • Outstanding support: at Tremend, we boast ourselves with superior customer support services. We are always there to assist our business partners and clients in every possible manner. Our technical team works together to ensure they offer continual support and proper feedback for any type of mobile development project.
  • Quality deliverance: we are a strong believer in delivering high-end, quality apps to our clients, thus we make sure to meet all the project specs.

How we Work – Discover our Mobile Application Software Process

At Tremend, we follow a strict app building process based on the agile practices used in 2021. When working with us, expect our team to follow this 7-step process:

  • Requirement gathering: the initial stage involves collecting info about your project, brand, and scope of work. This is imperative for understanding your goals and ensuring we’re building an app in sync with your needs.
  • Creating the UX/UI design: the first step of the app building process involves creating the actual design of your app, using the latest design tools and procedures. We brainstorm the coolest designs and move beyond the ordinary to make your app look totally unique.
  • Prototyping: once the design is ready, the prototype of the app follows suit, being sent to the development team.
  • App development: the next step in the process of mobile app development includes the actual development of the mobile application. The entire task is completed in a transparent environment, with constant updates and feedback.
  • Quality assurance: at Tremend, we do not compromise on quality, thus you can gain the peace of mind that your app is 100% bug-free and works like a glove.
  • Deployment: at this point, your app is ready to be showcased in the app store.
  • Maintenance & continual support: after deployment, we continue to stand by your side and provide you with ongoing maintenance and support services.

App Development Features & Technologies we are Familiar with:

  • Award-winning experiences through native technologies
  • Kotlin/Java - write better Android apps quicker
  • Swift/Objective-C - iOS apps that run lightning-fast
  • Fastest time to market with the right hybrid technologies
  • React Native - seamless cross-platform experience
  • Flutter app development - beautiful apps with native performance
  • Vue Native, Xamarin and Ionic for top cross-platform mobile applications
  • Build unparalleled augmented reality(AR) experiences
  • ARKit, ARCore
  • Create intelligent features by leveraging powerful on-device machine learning(ML)
  • CoreML, ML Kit
  • Deep linking - send users to the right place in your app whether or not it is already installed
  • Branch, Firebase dynamic links
  • Integrate with other devices and wearables
  • Expertise with IoT
  • Expertise in low power Bluetooth(BLE) and NFC connectivity
  • Expertise in car entertainment systems
  • Expertise with Android migration from Google Services to Huawei App Services
  • Expertise with SmartWatch apps integration
  • Expertise with Interactive TV development

How we Structure our work:

  • MVP innovation workshops
  • Lean testing for your product idea at a rapid pace.
  • User-centered design
  • Discovery workshops, Research, User flows
  • Rapid Prototyping, Usability Testing
  • Micro-interactions and animations
  • Pre-built modules and apps
  • Boilerplates accelerate our deployment time
  • Building blocks allow for the fastest assembly possible
  • Quality
  • Enforced via automation and pipelines
  • Fail-proof - we’ve got you covered in case of an unexpected error
  • Real-time crash reporting, prioritize and fix stability issues
  • Security
  • Code logic obfuscation and encryption
  • Industry standards compliance (OWASP, PCI)
  • Growth
  • A/B Testing - run experiments to make key engagement flows more effective
  • Analytics for actionable user insights
  • In-App Messaging - send messages to engage the right users at the right moment
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Working with Tremend was an all-around success. The team was very professional and never missed a deadline. They were very flexible and able to adapt to changing requirements. We would gladly recommend Tremend to others.
Basheer Shahul
Our collaboration with Tremend's team was extremely productive. With the obvious technical expertise and the open attitude, they’ve gained our trust from the beginning and never disappointed.
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