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Regina Maria
Regina Maria
Executive summary 

Tremend partnered with Regina Maria to design two easy-to-use mobile apps that would be utilized by hundreds of thousands of patients from all across Romania. The apps, used on Android and iOS, come with high-end features, such as fitness app sync, data unification, geofencing login, virtual clinic and face recognition.

The client 

Regina Maria is a private healthcare company in Romania founded back in 1995. In over 25 years of practice, they have managed to grow extensively to include 18 clinics, 5 hospitals, 3 medical campuses, and 141 partner clinics all across the country. In addition to this app, Tremend also delivered for Regina Maria the Royal Club website, Kinetic platform and Poliana system.

regina maria case study
Business Challenge 

The Regina Maria network, out of respect for their customers, decided to offer a more user-friendly and streamlined interaction with their customers using a mobile app. Their challenge lied in the fact that they needed to maintain design consistency, add a proper usage of design patterns, improve the existing poor reviews and reduce time spent on a task.

Solution delivered by Tremend 

Tremend delivered two mobile apps for Regina Maria, on both iOS and Android. The apps include numerous features and functionalities that use a phone’s main functions, such as sensors, camera, and memory. Additionally, a secured system for the validation and storing of sensitive data was released, that would complement the apps.

The apps developed by Tremend can be accessed by both patients and doctors. These modern apps include face recognition sensors to secure the data and protect sensitive data from breaches.

Both apps can quickly sync with Fitbit, Strava and Google Fit, and they both include a dedicated section named “Virtual Clinic”, which enables patients to attend a consultation remotely. The virtual clinic is becoming increasingly important in 2020, due to the global lockdown.



Tremend has managed to overcome all the business challenges of Regina Maria and create two mobile apps that work flawlessly. The apps come with a consistent design and were constantly improved based on customer feedback. As a direct result, the reviews from users got better, and the customers were happier with the services provided by Regina Maria.