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Executive summary 

Tremend created for Rightsflow a custom software solution based on Zend framework. Featuring rich UI and integration with Paypal Pro, Limelight is a song licensing solution with complete workflow automation, including mechanical licensing, royalty accounting, reporting and payment services for musicians, choirs and labels. Fastly gaining popularity, these product made RightsFlow a success, which led Google to acquire the company in 2011. 

The client 

Founded in 2007 and acquired by Google 4 years later, RightsFlow is a leading technology-enabled provider of licensing and royalty services for online music companies, record labels, distributors, artists, and songwriters. RightsFlow’s technology powers rapid song identification and provides an unprecedented level of transparency for both licensees and licensors. The company specializes in obtaining bulk physical, DPD, and ringtone licenses including streaming, tethered, and limited download rights, and its proprietary “FLOW” licensing technology and 30M+ song database allow the company to identify and license content, render accounting, and pay royalties on behalf of clients quickly and accurately, ensuring that rights-holders are paid for the use of their work. 
Currently part of YouTube team, RightsFlow serves over 16,000 clients obtaining licenses from publishers and songwriters all over the world – including major, independent and artist controlled works. 

Business Challenge 

The challenge was to build this complex custom solution that would give content owners and creators the possibility to register their songs or to clear them for use. 

Solution delivered by Tremend 

Featuring rich UI and integration with Paypal Pro, Limelight is a tool for securing mechanical licenses for artists, record labels, worship groups, a cappella ensembles and the like. Allowing users to pay for the service online, Limelight checks copyright ownership for the cover songs, secures the applicable rights and handles all royalty payments to songwriters and publishers on behalf of the customers for digital, physical, and ringtone releases.



Developing the product for RightsFlow, Tremend helped this startup’s founders achieve their goal and become a leader on their market. Being acquired by Google in just 4 years after its founding, Rightsflow became a global success.


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