Tremend partnered up with the Boys and Girls Clubs from America Organization to redevelop two platforms – MyFuture for Members and MyFuture for Club Leaders and Staff. Case Study
Project Category
Web platform

Executive summary

Tremend partnered up with the Boys and Girls Clubs from America Organization to redevelop two platforms – MyFuture for Members and MyFuture for Club Leaders and Staff. Tremend’s specialists also created from scratch a platform for Admins in order to help Clubs to easily and effectively embed education technology into the program experience.

The client 

Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) is a world-renowned non-profit organization whose aim is to ensure equity and inclusion for young children. They are providing a haven for more than 4 million teens worldwide, helping them to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

BGCA’s vision is to provide a world-class Club Experience that ensures success is within reach of every young person inside their program. MyFuture web platform that Tremend has developed enables BGCA to reach its goal and fulfill its vision. Case Study

Business Challenge

The challenge Tremend encountered with this project was to deliver three functional platforms that would load quickly and would be able to accommodate huge traffic needs. The platform used to load in around 60 seconds, while the benchmark was at under 10 seconds.

Solution delivered by Tremend

Tremend created three unique platforms for BGCA:

  • platform for members: this reshape came with new functionalities, which offered a more pleasant and unique user experience. Members are now able to better navigate the site, create accounts, receive recognition and take part in engaging activities.
  • Staff dashboard: staff can now import bulk members, award stars for activities, get personalized reports regarding the club members, stay in control of all programs and ultimately send out announcements and updates.
  • Admin dashboard: provide an admin dashboard experience to make it easier for the BGCA program owner & BGCA club support to reach their goals of adding and improving content and improving customer service to the Movement.



Azure DevOps



Tremend managed to overcome the challenges and successfully deliver the three platforms. The loading time decreased from 60 seconds to around 2-3 seconds. Additionally, the users were happier with the tools on the platforms and were able to fully leverage all the digital tools needed in order to have a high-quality Club Experience.

The level of satisfaction from the users and from the company was so great that they asked Tremend for further involvement. In Q4 2020 – Q2 2021, Tremend’s team will continue to increase the functionalities of the platform and expand its features to make it easier for  BGCA program owners to reach their goals.

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