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Bright Kids is a New York-based company specializing in Learning Management, including tutoring and test preparation from pre-K to 12th grade.

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Bright Kids
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Executive summary 

Bright Kids is a New York-based company specializing in Learning Management, including tutoring and test preparation from pre-K to 12th grade. Searching for a technical partner, the company has chosen Tremend for the development of 4 custom e-learning solutions, built with Yii, AngularJS, and MySQL.

The client 

Founded in 2009, Bright Kids is a New York-based company operating in the Education Management industry. The team is dedicated to preparing children for the challenges that they will encounter both in the classroom and on standardized tests. Bright Kids philosophy is that every child is different and that a customized and systematic approach is the only way to get consistent results. They assess every child to make sure that the teachers are working on the areas that most need development and take into account different learning styles. Matching students with tutors who best complement their learning styles, the company continuously adjusts the curriculum based on the child’s progress. This approach, in return, generates the best results for the students and their families.

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Business Challenge 

Starting a complex enterprise mobility project, the challenge was to help our client completely turn the existing structure into a functional online learning system. This major change was done through 4 e-Learning solutions, built using Yii, AngularJS, and MySQL.

Solution delivered by Tremend 

1. Bright Kids Homework

Bright Kids Homework is a complex solution for online learning that generates tests and study materials for pre-K to 12th-grade students. The interface offers interactive activities for completing tests, covering media materials (photo, video, and audio) and texts in the form of interactive questions with one or more answers. After completion, the student receives a Score Sheet, with the possibility to repeat the activities.

2. Bright Kids Curriculum Generation

Bright Kids Curriculum Generation is a complex custom e-Learning solution created for assessments management and progress tracking of students. Used by tutors and parents, the solution generates lesson plans based on personalized tests for students and schedules the next assignments. Helping users easily access the solution, Bright Kids Curriculum Generation also has an Android mobile app, created by Tremend as well.

3. Bright Kids Material Generator

Part of a large enterprise mobility project, Bright Kids Material Generator is an e-Learning system based on an admin framework for managing curriculums. Moving the entire internal system online, Tremend has created a complex solution that generates random tests and exercises.

4. Bootcamp Registration System

Bootcamp Registration System is a solution that allows users to register for classes held by Bright Kids tutors. Allowing the selection of the time period and the preferred dates, the system also includes the possibility to buy books relevant to the courses. For payment, the development included integration with and AppointmentPlus.






Building the custom e-Learning solutions for Bright Kids, Tremend managed to transmute the entire internal organization of the company into a modern, highly accessible system. Helping students improve their skills and knowledge through personalized learning and evaluation methods, Bright Kids is a hit among the e-Learning enthusiasts in New York and Chicago.

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